For more than 25 years, our sophisticated menu of contemporary American food has drawn guests from far and wide – and enticed them to return frequently. Sometimes even daily. We are that perfect neighborhood place that’s as comfortable as it is popular.

You can’t beat the vibe of Beverly Hills Grill. Our friendly atmosphere, bright interior and stellar service makes us a welcome dining destination and the place to be and be seen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served seven days a week, and our weekend brunch is legendary. Get to The Grill soon to enjoy your own delicious dining experience. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, we’re certain you’ll be delighted enough to come back time and again.

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Neighborhood SEEN Features RRG Executive Chef Patrick Roettele

Neighborhood SEEN Features RRG Executive Chef Patrick Roettele

Patrick Roettele was a Florida line cook before joining Beverly Hills Grill as chef decades ago my latest blog post. Today, as Corporate Executive Chef of Roberts Restaurant Group, Roettele continues to put his creative stamp on the Southeast Michigan restaurant scene. Working closely with proprietor Bill Roberts has allowed Roettele to learn from an expert in the field and further develop his culinary artistry. He is featured as a ‘Top Chef’ in Neighborhood SEEN. (December 2015)
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The Detroit News says The Grill Still Sets the Standard

Detroit News writer Molly Abraham applauds the Beverly Hills Grill for setting a high standard of dining excellence since it opened in 1988. Abraham credits the restaurant’s consistent hospitality, food and service for its longevity and success despite floods of restaurants opening in the Oakland county area each year. Thanks to recent refurbishments to the venue, Beverly Hills Grill has managed to stay current while still preserving the character and appeal it’s always had. 
(November 2015)

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